Power Sweeping

Power sweeping is Atlas' area of expertise and is the service upon which we have been able to build our brand for over 35 years.

Paving and Construction Cleanup
Atlas has long been among the leading providers of power sweeping services in the lower mainland, servicing the municipalities and private contractors with our fleet of mechanical street sweepers, flush trucks, and vacuum trucks. From heavy material sweeping for paving companies to seasonal street sweeping in your neighbourhood, Atlas has the capability and expertise to meet and exceed your requirements.

Commercial/Retail Parking Lot Maintenance
Atlas is able to maintain your parking lot at extremely affordable rates. The level of maintenance can be tailored to suit your requirements: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. As part of our 'Night Run' we can service your parking lot when it is empty to ensure the best possible results.

Underground Parking Lot Maintenance
Power sweeping is for the removal of dust and other debris from your parking lot, without the use of water or detergents. Those areas of your property that cannot be accessed by our machines are blown or swept manually by our experienced operators. Power sweeping can be a very cost-effective part of your ongoing maintenance schedule.

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